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One never needs to introduce the term “NFTs” today. Their popularity has been skyrocketing along with their trade volume. Their popularity and lucrative nature attract entrepreneurs from around the world to test the waters. Each day thousands of NFT-related projects are getting live. But, the question is, “Do they all get successful?” It is a significant factor to be noted, though.

Although every digipreneur wants to try their luck in this market, it is well-understood that NFTs are still in their infancy, and not all are well aware of this market. This lack of in-depth knowledge has created the need for an NFT launchpad to holding the torch for the budding cryptopreneurs to make their way into the NFT world and the investors to bid on the right projects.

Appdupe here, with a team of NFT experts, supports the entrepreneurs who are well aware of the DeFi economy, blockchain technology, and the non-fungible tokens to set up an NFT launchpad development platform. This launching platform will be your tool to hasten the growth of countless NFT projects by enabling them to raise the funds they require. Grab it now and rule the roost! Connect with our NFT experts today!

NFT Crypto Launchpads

What Is NFT Launchpad?

NFT launchpad is a platform that accelerates the growth of high-quality NFT based startups in a decentralized, safe, and autonomous way. It creates a sound ecosystem where both entrepreneurs and investors can benefit from. While the NFT based businesses tend to raise funds through this launchpad, the investors are signed up for a risk-free investment here.

The launchpad verifies the genuinity of the NFT project and lists it on the platform by showcasing a detailed report on the vision, mission, and roadmap of the project. Investors can do their research and make their investments. In simple words, it is a growth engine for an NFT business. Develop your NFT launchpad with our NFT launchpad development services and start proffering substantial growth for the budding cryptopreneurs out there.

Our Clients

Various Fundraising Models An NFT StartUp Can Opt For

Initial Coin OfferingThe ICO is a fundraising process where a crypto-based startup grants its tokens for a basic price to investors. The capitalists who buy these tokens benefit from being early investors and also may be rewarded with governance rights on the project's future decisions.

Initial Exchange OfferingThe blockchain startups list their utility tokens on centralized crypto exchanges to raise funds while simultaneously increasing the liquidity of the token. Any crypto trader can buy the tokens in this process.

Initial DEX OfferingAny token representing an asset can be listed on a decentralized exchange to receive the funds. Individual investors can trade on these tokens. IDOs are well known for the instant liquidity they offer, instant trading, and cost-effective listing charges.

Initial Liquidity OfferingThe cryptopreneurs list their tokens on an AMM integrated DEX. In this method, the new token has a ready market available for it. This, in turn, provides the token, high liquidity, and trading volume in a short span of time.

Initial Farming OfferingThis is a new and unique method of fundraising where the investor has to contribute a pair of tokens to a liquidity pool in order to receive new tokens that haven’t been listed on any platforms yet.

Initial NFT OfferingsThis is the latest of all the fundraising methods. In this process, an investor who holds the required number of tokens of the launchpad gets to participate in the first round of exclusive NFTs launched. They can either be granted the privilege by first come, first serve, or lottery method.

Native Token Development for NFT Launchpad

Appdupe suits you up for an exciting journey in the NFT world. The first and foremost of the process is developing a native token for your NFT launchpad. We can help you build a token of the standard of your choice and the blockchain on which your startpad is built on. The different standards of tokens we help you build are ERC-20, ERC-721, ERC-1155, TRC-721, FA2, dGoods, BEP-20, BEP-721, etc.

This token can be used as a primary token for all transactions on the platform. The tier of an investor is determined by the number of tokens he/she stakes. The higher the tier of the VC, the higher their chances are to get their hold on new and promising tokens at the earliest as they get to participate in the first rounds of fundings.

Whom Do You Build A NFT LaunchPad For?


NFT LaunchPad For
Undoubtedly artists are the ones who have been making the most from the introduction of non-fungible tokens. Let them have a platform exclusively showcasing their works.


NFT LaunchPad For
Proffer the musicians a launchpad to bypass the third-party record labels and reach their avid listeners. This not only saves them a big deal of money but also connects them with their fans.


NFT LaunchPad For
Stage an NFT launchpad for the NFT gaming enthusiasts to tokenize the in-game assets. It can be a platform that inculcates the accessories from various games or a single one.

NFT-Content Creators

NFT LaunchPad For
Content Creators
Create a platform that bestows the works of a content creator. It can be any kind of content, audio, video, or images. Allow them to mint the creatives in a blockchain and list them for sale.


NFT LaunchPad For
Photography is one of the most popular and powerful artworks of the contemporary world. Imagine a launchpad that lists all the stunning photos captured by Annie Leibovitz. Just create one.


NFT LaunchPad For
The talks have already begun! Gary Vee was spotted talking on a podcast about releasing books as NFTs. Yes, a launchpad for writers to display their manuscripts as non-fungible tokens is real!


NFT LaunchPad For
The contemporary celebrities (influencers) can set up a launchpad for themself and propagate their works there instead of depending on third-party social mediums.


NFT LaunchPad For
Movies are to be considered an amalgamation of all art forms and the one with a huge fan following. A launchpad to celebrate the directorial of a filmmaker can rake millions or maybe billions too.


NFT LaunchPad For
Sports Personalities
The fanbase sports figures hold around the world is massive. Creating and sharing some of the precious moments from their life as NFTs in a launchpad can be a treat we never asked for.

What Do We Offer With Our NFT Multi-Chain Launchpad Solution?

When we say building an NFT Launchpad, it doesn’t mean you get to build just a launchpad but more.

LaunchpadThe launchpad is a platform powered by smart contracts on the blockchain of your choice enabling new projects to uncover their potentiality to the crypto community.

Business Logic Layers & AlgorithmsThe platform is in-built with all the logic and algorithms that backs the new crypto businesses to raise funds from respective pools.

NFT Marketplace FrameworksWe have integrated the platform with frameworks of renowned NFT marketplaces like OpenSea and Rarible. The budding businesses can make use of it to launch their platform instantly.

Native Token We can help you develop a native token for the launchpad. The capitalists can buy, stake, and redeem your tokens effortlessly for maximum benefits.

Robust Admin PanelAn admin panel aids you with the management of the startpad, vetting process of projects, KYC of investors, and more.

Be The Torchbearer For Countless NFT Projects Now

WorkFlow Of An NFT Launchpad

Inform yourself on how an NFT Launchpad works,

  • ProposalThe entrepreneurs submit their proposal that presents a detailed note of their project to the launchpad community.

  • KYCA rigorous vetting process is carried out. The proposal is studied in and out by the expert team to analyze if it is icing on a cake or just another project.

  • Project OnboardingIf the proposal submitted by the cryptopreneur is sound and promising, then it will be accepted by the platform. If the community wants to go for voting, then it is selected on a vote basis.

  • Advisory PanelThe expert team from the launchpad provides some insights to the new crypto project crew to enrich the business.

  • Whitepaper DraftingA detailed whitepaper describing the vision, mission, the tech stack, the global market, the roadmap, the tokenomics, and many other intrinsic details is drafted.

  • Project ListingThe profile is created for the project. The particulars of the project, the whitepaper, and the primary token are enlisted here for the investor’s eye.

  • Type Of OfferingThe type of funding is selected by the digipreneurs themselves. It can be an IDO, IEO, or an ICO. The project will be listed in the upcoming project section.

  • MarketingA multi-channel marketing operation is set out for the project. It includes social media marketing, SEO, Discord marketing, and more. It is ensured that the arrival of the project is known to all.

  • CrowdfundingTwo rounds of sale take place. In the first round, the investors who own a handful of the native token of the launchpad participate, and the second one is open for all.

  • Product DevelopmentNow that the required funding for the project is received. The product, for example, an NFT marketplace, is developed. In some cases, the framework is already available on the launchpad.

Cross Chain Launchpad Development For NFT Marketplaces

The reign of NFTs is marked by the sky-high prices that are sold on the NFT marketplaces like OpenSea. And without a doubt, the marketplaces are the NFT hubs for money minting. This lucrative nature elicits a number of entrepreneurs to try and launch their own NFT marketplace. But, however unique and fresh the idea of the NFT trading platform is, the success rate of it is still in question.

Gift these young entrepreneurs the mystical key that opens them the door to success. An NFT launchpad that provides them the visibility, gets them the fund, and markets them to their niche. List the NFT marketplace projects along with their whitepaper and ideation on the platform so venture capitalists can buy their native tokens and provide the required funds to develop their marketplace.

NFT Launchpad for Digital Art Collections

The next CryptoPunk can be introduced to the world via your NFT Crypto Launchpad. No one ever imagined that a digital punk face would be sold for millions of dollars. But yes, it did. And the latest news is that an ape face from Bored Ape Yacht Club made a record sale of $2.7 million. However, there are tonnes of interesting projects out there like CryptoPunks, BAYC, ArtBlocks, etc. But as usual, they either do not have the fund or the right guidance to make it to the top.

Create a platform to celebrate these crazy ideas by picking them, funding them, and promoting them. These algorithmically-generated pixelated arts can bring in the millions and billions the budding entrepreneurs have ever dreamt of. Be the torchbearer of digital art collections.

Initial NFT Offering- A Brief Introduction

The rise of NFTs is unparalleled. However, there is a lack of regulation that prevents investors from getting their hands on highly exclusive collectibles at the early stages. Also, the NFT projects find it difficult to reach the right crowd of fund providers. To mitigate all these shortcomings, a new fundraising method has been introduced exclusively for NFTs.

The INO is a fundraising method for NFT based projects. The projects enlist their details on a launchpad. The investors, in order to grab these non-fungible tokens that represent digital assets like collectibles, digital lands, game accessories, music, etc., have to participate in the funding rounds hosted on the platform.

Based on the project, there can be two to three rounds of funding. The individual investors will be categorized with respect to the number of native tokens of the launchpad they hold as tier 1, tier 2, tier 3, etc.

Also, there are two INO models; the first-come, first-serve model, where the investors who join the campaign first get to buy the NFTs, the second model is the lottery model, where the eligible investors are randomly picked like in a lottery system. To know more about this model and to launch your own NFT launchpad, connect with our NFT experts now.

Meet The Key Features That Make Our NFT Launchpad Exceptional

These stellar features are like the building blocks of the platform. Check them out,

  • KYC We integrate APIs like Blockpass for efficient digital verification of crypto and NFT based businesses, DEX, digital wallets, etc.

  • Native TokenWe help you either choose the native token of the blockchain in which the platform is built, or we generate a token exclusively for your platform, which will be the primary token for all transactions.

  • Liquidity PoolsWe have framed our NFT multi-chain Launchpad script with automatic liquidity pool features. This enables the investors to invest in pools and yield returns, simultaneously increasing the market cap of the tokens.

  • VisibilityAs a launchpad, it is mandatory to shine light upon young NFT projects. We have integrated a startpad that does it for the entrepreneurs.

  • Various Fundraising ModelsThe NFT Launchpad Script is embedded with diverse fundraising models like ICO, IDO, IEO, IFO, INO, etc. The entrepreneurs signing up with you can choose the model they want to.

  • ExhibitoryThe startpad will showcase a number of new but promising projects here for the investors to analyze and invest in them.

  • Veteran MentorshipThe young digipreneur can brainstorm along with the NFT experts in your team using this platform. This feature can guide these young lads to make better decisions for their projects.

  • Multi-Tiered StalkingWe can help you build a platform that creates two or more categories of investors. Each category will be based on the number of native tokens they own and will relish their own privileges.

  • Decentralized GovernanceVoting can be held among the community before listing a new project to the launchpad. Each member can thoroughly analyze the project and cast their vote accordingly.

  • Digital Wallet IntegrationThe users will have to connect their crypto wallets with the launchpad to start transacting via the platform.

Get Insights On The Benefits Of Launching An NFT Crypto Launchpad

Different Categories Of Projects Listed On The INO LaunchPad

A startpad is alleged to be brimming with countless stalwart projects. We filter these projects for the easy navigation of investors.

  • Trending ProjectsBestow the projects that are making all the buzz here. Investors can know that by investing, they will be a part of the trend.

  • Recently ListedLine up all the newbies here. Let the investors check out all the fresh projects and try being an early investor.

  • Upcoming ProjectsCreate anticipation among the funders to brace themselves for the next CryptoPunk in town. A list of all the upcoming projects.

  • Lowest Price A list of all the projects that issue tokens for a lower price on the platform when compared to other projects.

  • Highest Price Similar to the previous filter, but here the capitalists get to see all the highly-priced tokens in the platform.

  • Most Viewed Present a list of all the impressive projects that have attracted the most number of investors.

What Are The Benefits Of NFT Launchpad Development?

A startpad confers a number of benefits to both entrepreneurs and investors. Check out a few.


Trustable PlatformA launchpad is a home of a manifold of projects. By following a stringent vetting process, it ensures credibility and trust to the investors, which was a question on the previous fundraising models.


Top-Notch SecurityThe crypto NFT launchpad is built on a blockchain integrated with BlockPass for verification. These features prevent young crypto projects from being targeted and also save investors from scams.


Hastened Growth Of New ProjectsBy getting on board with a launchpad, a blockchain startup establishes itself to a huge crowd of NFT investors. Alongside they also get guidance from the listing and investment experts.


Equal Distribution Of TokensA fair distribution of tokens to all investors by following a multi-tier crypto token allocation enables even small investors to be a part of these projects.


Long-Term SuccessA launchpad safeguards a crypto project from sell-offs and rug pulls. It also relieves the investors from losing their money on fake projects. Thereby providing long-term success for both parties.

Why You Should Opt For NFT Launchpad Development Services?

Although the NFT space yields tonnes of profits, there are young projects that don’t see the light due to a lack of funding and proper support and investors being scammed. An NFT Crypto Launchpad is a platform that can regulate all these irregularities. It brings countless positive factors like

  • Veteran advisory council for young projects

  • A community-backed platform

  • Already existing investor base

  • Sell-off and rug pull free listings

  • Multi-chain compatibility

  • Flexible liquidity pools

  • An open and permissionless platform

  • Fair distribution of tokens

Step-By-Step Breakdown Of Our INO Launchpad Development Process

Building an exemplary INO platform development includes a series of steps,

  • 1

    Brainstorming As the first step of our Cross Chain Launchpad Development process, our team of NFT experts brainstorms along with you to create a definitive framework for your project.

  • 2

    Whitepaper DraftingOnce the vision is clear, it’s time to put it on paper. Our technical writers scribe the vision, mission, roadmap, and everything about the project in a detailed manner.

  • 3

    Website Development An online presence is a mandatory need for today’s businesses. Let’s design you a website that acts as a portfolio for your project.

  • 4

    Token Creation And Distribution Time to build a trustable community. We will help you build a token and list it on platforms for investors to grab them to hop along with you on this journey of profits.

  • 5

    Marketing Let us show the world that you are here with an amazing NFT Crypto Launchpads to hasten the growth of all the budding cryptopreneurs with effective multi-channel marketing services.

  • 6

    Bounty Programs Reward your community with exciting bonuses for making some shoutouts about your INO Launchpad development.

  • 7

    Listing Services Fundraising it is! Go straight to the crypto enthusiasts all over the globe by listing your tokens on the most renowned decentralized exchanges.

  • 8

    Product DevelopmentYou can present the decentralized world with a spellbinding crypto launchpad that can levitate the crypto world itself to the next stage.

Build A Brand-New Launchpad That Attracts A Global Community Of NFT Geeks

What Are The Different NFT Launchpad Development Solutions We Offer?

NFT crypto launchpads are a need of the moment. There is a dire need to filter out the potential NFT projects from the thousands of proposals put up by entrepreneurs and assist them to triumph. Some of the launchpad solutions we offer are,

  • Binance Launchpad CloneThe Binance launchpad acts as a podium for new crypto and NFT based projects to attain visibility among the 13 million active Binance community. Each project is handpicked by scrutinizing them on a 360-degree ensuring that it can soar high on assistance. It provides services like crowdfunding, advisory panel, marketing services, etc. Launch a similar platform with us.

  • RedKite CloneRedKite clone is the seed for the NFT multi-chain Launchpad script. It has a rigorous vetting process for new proposals submitted by budding entrepreneurs, thereby ensuring the hard-earned money of investors does not go in vain. It regulates a fair game enabling even small investors to participate in the pre-sale events. Develop a platform supporting Parachain crowd loans like RedKite with us now!

  • TrustSwap Launchpad CloneTrustSwap aims to create an ecosystem where emerging crypto projects can make use of security, trustlessness, and sustainability to levitate. The SmartLaunch toolkit of TrustSwap vindicates the immediate sell-off and rug-pulls until the project reaches a milestone. It provides publicity, trust, marketing, and visibility to new projects. Build a TrustSwap clone now!

  • PolkaStarter Launchpad Clone The PolkaStarter launchpad is an open-source platform providing developers with an opportunity to integrate their entire framework to create and hold auctions. It provides liquidity in addition to all other perks to the crypto projects by offering exclusive incentives and rewards to its community. Build a launchpad that has the potent to attract a global audience like PolkaStarter.

  • Unicrypt CloneThis astounding launchpad was introduced to the market in 2020. It aims to mitigate the long and strenuous vetting process young crypto-projects have to face. It holds two rounds of pre-sale. The first one is for the native token holders of UNCX or UNCL, while the second round is common for all. Create an autonomous platform and support, fund, and promote budding NFT projects.

  • DuckStarter CloneThe Ethereum based digital incubator platform aims to catalyze the growth of emerging projects by using its buzz-making potential. DuckDAO assists the projects in terms of veteran advice, social media marketing strategies, OTC sales, community sales, listing services, etc. Create a stronghold in the NFT world by being the torchbearer of exciting projects with a DuckStarter clone.

Why Choose Appdupe For NFT Launchpad Development?

This question has countless answers to it. However, let us point out a few here,

  • Expertise We have built a team of blockchain experts who know in and out of the non-fungible tokens market space. In addition to the development process, you can also get noteworthy insights from us.

  • Personalization OptionsEvery project is unique and needs to be customized as per the vision of the entrepreneur. Appdupe understands this and bestows 100% customizations options.

  • Non-Disclosure AgreementWe respect the toil and the determination of you to take up something innovative and sign a non-disclosure agreement with you. Your vision and ideas are a secret to us.

  • On-Time DeliveryThe rapid growth of NFTs intimidates the visionaries to launch their ideas instantly. It is pertinent to be early in the market to outlive the competition. Appdupe gets you there in no time.

  • Long-Term SupportAppdupe provides support even after the launch of the project. It comes for free for a specific period of time and later with a small fee.

The Tech Stack Behind A Robust NFT Crypto Launchpad

Know about all the technical specifications we can help with to build NFT crypto launchpads.

Blockchain Platforms

Storage Platforms

NFT Standards

Front-end Frameworks

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Yes, services like veteran advice, marketing, and product framework can also be integrated into the startpad.
We provide a 360-degree NFT solution that includes NFT marketplace development, NFT marketing services, NFT launchpad development, NFT art tokenization, non-fungible token development, and more.
The NFT Launchpad Script can be customized as per your vision without any restrictions. You can share your thoughts with our team, and they will get it done for you.
We sign a non-disclosure agreement with you, ensuring that your idea of an exclusive NFT launchpad is safe with us.
Connect with us via the chat box on the Appdupe site, or email us at [email protected] or just give us a call @ +91 938 484 3395.

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