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A Gist on NFT Lending Platform Development

Assets play a decisive role in getting loans - not just in the real world but also in the NFT space. People normally pledge their assets to obtain necessary funds (in return). The loan fund depends on the value of a collateral asset. Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are digital assets carrying ever-lasting value. Like other real-world assets, NFTs can be pledged as collateral in exchange for funds (money). NFT lending platforms accommodate such digital assets (NFTs) and offer loans (in crypto coins or tokens) in exchange.

The NFT lending and borrowing platform's smart contracts serve as an escrow by managing the entire process—from facilitating loans to identifying problematic loans—and acting as a middleman. Are you an entrepreneur? Embark on the fully-functional NFT lending platform development that promises intermediary-free lending and borrowing.

At AppDupe, we create a fully-functional decentralized lending platform coupled with peer-to-peer smart contracts.

How does the NFT Lending and Borrowing Platform work?

Non-fungible token (NFT) assets aren’t just meant for buying, selling & HODL-ing, and monetizing. Imagine when a user buys an NFT - it may take months until someone buys the asset. And not many prefer to sell off their NFT entirely; instead, holders prefer to monetize a part via a decentralized lending platform while getting funds (in the form of loans).

While NFT lending platforms thrive on lending & borrowing activities, here are the core functionaries:

Borrowers Also called the NFT holders - list their assets on built-in secondary marketplaces, specifying the asset value, loan duration, and required loan amount. Remember the loan amount can derive from multiple assets or a single asset.

Lenders This section of functionaries will have access to the secondary marketplace, where they can find enlisted NFT assets. They will analyze some loan parameters to arrive at a decision on the best loan opportunities within the platform.

Platform The Platform serves as the smart contract-backed escrow for the entire duration of the loan. The presence of smart contracts facilitates a hassle-free operation within the platform.

Imagine a fund-seeking NFT holder walking into the lending platform: the holder can list their asset and seek loan offers from lenders. The NFT asset gets locked in a double-audited smart contract for the loan duration specified by the NFT holder (borrower) end. The borrower must repay the loan within time, or else the lender can permanently take the NFT’s ownership.

Our Clients

Building Blocks (Features) of Our NFT Lending Platform

Wallet Integration

Wallets serve as the accommodator for your NFT assets on the blockchain network. Without integrating their wallets, the NFT asset holders can’t operate. To help such people operate without any hassle - our NFT loan platform development helps integrate wallet of choice.

Asset Listing

For someone to get loans, they must first enlist their NFT assets. We have a slew of listing-friendly functionalities to simplify the process. While listing, the NFT holders must specify the information like asset value, loan duration, loan-to-value (LTV) ratio, etc.

Advanced Search Filters

Choosing & picking will never be a problem with our NFT lending platform, as advanced search filters simplify that process. Borrowers will find it easier to enlist their assets with user-friendly filters, while the lenders can identify the right loan offerings.

Enhanced Market Visibility

Our fully-functional NFT lending platform bestows high market visibility so that your business model is present among the target audience. While doing so, it also drives enough footfalls to the platform.

Community Governance

This functionality decides the users’ roles & responsibilities in governing the platform. Governance will serve as a tool in fast delivering the destined services regarding: new feature requirements, updates, community allocation, etc.


Centralized lending platforms will have control over your NFT assets and payments. However, with a decentralized lending platform, the users will have control - pursuing hassle-free lending & borrowing activities.

Make NFT-based Lending & Borrowing more Easier than Ever. Develop A Fully-functional NFT Lending Platform.

How Do We Develop?

As a professional NFT lending platform development company, we deploy a transparent process to build the NFT-backed lending platform. We have pre-defined development practices with which we ensure maximum efficiency. Here’s a glimpse of what’s that:

  • DiscoveryThis phase revolves around activities like requirements gathering, client interaction & evaluation, ideation, etc. Our research & development (R&D) team indulges in risk-identification strategies and deploys risk-mitigation measures.

  • DesignOur designers create a user-focused appearance and design with an in-app flow and user flows in mind. To evaluate the approach's viability, they construct a core contract functionality.

  • Development The back-end and front-end engineering, APIs, gateways, and content are all created by our blockchain expertise in addition to a security model. They manage external audits and do manual and automated testing.

  • Launch & Support After ensuring that the platform is bug-free, we launch our smart contract-powered NFT lending platform on the blockchain mainnet. As a seasoned blockchain developer, we also offer post-launch technical support round the clock.

Why AppDupe?

The entrepreneurial idea is very common these days - but there is a big need for scalable tech solutions. AppDupe is one such company offering scalable blockchain development solutions. Here are our specialties that answer this question - why choose AppDupe:

  • Transparency

    Every minute of the NFT lending platform development process is accounted and communicated to our clients on a regular basis.

  • Multi-chain Support

    We create NFT lending platforms on the blockchain network of your choice - like on Ethereum, EOS, TRON, Binance Smart Chain (BSC), etc.

  • NFT Platform Marketing

    Apart from development practices, we also excel at NFT marketplace marketing, which promises the platform’s high-volume performances even amidst cutthroat competition.

  • Customization

    We build the lending platform as per our clients’ requirements - while gathering their needs from time to time with efficient communication.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

While borrower and lender exchange value and loan, the platform owner (“You”) can charge the platform fee on every transaction. Also, you can receive a commission ( for instance, 5% on commission) on the interest earned from successful loan repayments.
Most of our NFT lending solutions surround the Ethereum blockchain. However, we embrace multi-chain development practices at the request of our clients.
Of course, yes! As a blockchain-specific development company, we know the significance of security in this space. We strive hard to maintain safety standards with our development practices, which reflects in our bug-free and security-first NFT lending platform.
Building your NFT-backed lending platform depends on your requirements and the involved complexities. To receive a free price quotation, drop us a mail at [email protected]
We can start the NFT lending platform development process as soon as possible. But then - ensure that you have a good platform idea. If not, the ideation process with our team consumes some time.

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